The Older The Berry, The Sassier The Juice: Happy Birthday SJP

Above: Bombshell’s Favorite SJP Look of All Times

Although she’s most commonly associated with her ever-popular role as Carrie Bradshaw on ‘Sex In The City’, Sarah Jessica Parker has practically done it all. From starring in big screen productions, creating a shoe line, and even starring in Broadway Musicals Bombshell’s paying homage to the fabulous career of Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker.  Marking 50 years on this Earth today, we’re wishing SJP a very special Happy Birthday!

Last night at the New York Rangers game the 50 year old was caught on camera practically snarling at fellow fabulous actor, Tom Hanks! Why? We couldn’t even begin to tell you. Whatever triggered the “B**** Face” has media bloggers searching for practically any dirt on the two thespians.

Not only was she snarling at people, but she was clearly unamused by the hockey theatrics between the taking place right in front of her and chose to submerge herself in a book instead. Just completely doing her own thing!


Is SJP getting even more sassy with age? Keeping in line with her character role, we can assure you she’s becoming more stylish for sure. Check her out in this Calvin Klein 2015 Resort Collection Blue Trench! SUPPPPERRRR HOTTT, and man look at those legs!


You go girl! fifty’s never looked so good on you!

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