The Best Pre-Workout Snacks

Missing that pre-workout snack has ruined my fitness routine plenty of times. The nausea, dizziness, lack of stamina and headaches are all symptoms of not eating before hitting the gym. Our bodies are like machines and we need fuel in order to operate it and burn those calories.

I’m not really into calorie counting but for those of you who are, your pre-workout snack should equal 50% of the calories you expect to burn during your workout and include:

25-35% protein
50-60% carbs
14% fats

Remember, you want to indulge in your snack 60-90 minutes before training for adequate absorption and digestion.

My favorites:

I love spelt bread with almond butter and banana slices. Bananas are rich in potassium and B6 which aid in creating amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Nut-butters and bananas are notorious for providing long lasting energy.

Pre-Workout Snacks:



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Tanyka is the Deputy Editor at Bombshell by Bleu Magazine. She is a former pro-athlete, author, traveler, and holistic nutritionist.

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