Two More Days Until OITNB and Vogue Is Jogging Your Memory

After a year the wait is finally over! Well almost. Just two more days until the Season 3 premier of Netfilx’s hit series Orange Is The New Black. Can 48hrs go by any faster? In case you’ve forgotten all of the Litchfield goodness over this past year, Vogue has got you covered with a Season 2 synopsis to jog your memory! Check it out below.

Piper and Alex


Major story lines:

After she and her on-again off-again girlfriend Alex (Laura Prepon) have their testifying snafu in Chicago, Alex is released and Piper (Taylor Schilling) ends up back in Litchfield. After Piper’s grandmother dies, she is granted furlough—much to the dismay and anger of the rest of the inmates. At her grandmother’s wake, Larry tells her that he’s slept with someone else (Polly, Piper’s best friend).
She and Alex reopen lines of communication (of course), and Alex tells Piper that she bought a gun because she’s so terrified that her old drug boss, whom she testified against, is coming to kill her. Piper eventually rats Alex out, saying that she’s in danger of violating her parole and Alex is taken back to Litchfield. Meanwhile, Larry and Polly fall in love and leave their respective partners for each other.

Vee and Red


Major story lines:

Vee (Lorraine Toussaint) appears for the first time in season two, but the character is no stranger to Litchfield. Years prior, when Red (Kate Mulgrew) was also a new inmate, she had a devoted following and viciously beat Red when she refused to cede control of her early day kitchen smuggling. In season two, in an effort to regain control after her kitchen was reassigned, Red begins funneling her contraband through the prison’s greenhouse—and Vee wants in. Vee’s brutality and manipulation is on full display in season two. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn that Taystee fell into the world of drug dealing at a young age, thanks in large part to Vee, who had been Taystee’s pseudo-mother on the outside. In Vee’s current sentence, she enlists Crazy Eyes to act as her muscle and the rest of the gang eventually pledges their allegiance. Together, they begin a cigarette and drug trade. Red later attacks Vee via plastic wrap, but is unable to bring herself to kill her. The two decide to call off their rivalry and they make a truce. The next morning, Vee, armed with a padlock-stuffed sock, viciously beats Red in her greenhouse.
Everything falls apart for Vee by the end of season two. After her heroin stash is stolen (by Nicky), Vee begins to alienate her gang and her spell begins to lift. Vee tries to get Crazy Eyes to take the fall for Red’s attack, but Tastyee, Cindy, and the rest of the group recant their testimony. With no allies, Vee escapes Litchfield through Red’s greenhouse tunnel.

Morello and Miss Rosa


Major storyline:

After finding out that Christopher is marrying another woman, Morello (Yael Stone) steals the van, while Miss Rosa (Barbara Rosenblat) is in treatment, and drives to Christopher’s house. Once there, Morello puts on Christopher’s fiancée’s wedding veil, takes a bath, and dozes off—narrowly missing Christopher. Through her backstory, we see that Christopher was never her fiancé—but rather a man she relentlessly stalked after one date. Meanwhile, while undergoing chemo treatments, Miss Rosa befriends a young boy who is also battling cancer and we learn about her bank robbing past and her “cursed” history with men. Her chemo treatments are not working and her doctor informs her that she has only three to six weeks to live.
Morello, aiding in her escape, leaves the keys in the van and Miss Rosa drives away from Litchfield to live out her final days outside the prison walls. While on her drive to freedom, Rosa runs over Vee.


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