A Conversation with Daniel Gibson: Love Crushing

There’s something invigorating about summer love crushing…The excitement that is meeting new faces and flirting with the cutie <insert Daniel Gibson here> who reaches in the cooler at the same damn time, shares a cocktail, a smile and a chilling hello…We crave the thrill of gaining a new #MCM (Man Crush Monday) EVERYDAY, because that’s just what summer does!

Let’s just keep it real Bombshells…We’ve all wondered in those eye catching moments, hair blowing in the wind– What is the first thing that guy over there is attracted to? The initial attraction factor is parallel to first impression…Am I right? But the real question we all want to know is, what keeps him crushing?

Well here it is? Team Bleu sat down with former Cavs player, Daniel “Booby” Gibson and he gave us the juice on what’s going on in his career, post NBA and what we can expect from him in pursuit of his passion for spoken word. We couldn’t forget our Bombshells during this tell all conversation with “Young Gib” (as we call him in our office). His energy was that of one of the homies, so we decided to have some fun and asked him to open up about the ladies!


When in an interview I like to make sure I get all the points across. There are a lot of misconceptions about me as a man, like with social media and all that, everybody thinks they know me but they have no idea who I am.


What type of woman are you initially attracted to?

I’m attracted to ambition…ambition and confidence are two of the sexiest things that a woman can wear. There are a lot of beautiful women– women can [kind of ] buy likes these days. You can’t lean so much on beauty because a lot of times it’s superficial or artificial. Sexy is a woman who has goals, who’s working toward a career, and who walks with confidence. You don’t have to be the prettiest woman out there, but as long as you carry a certain aura about yourself, that’s sexy. I’m attracted to that!


When it comes to style, are your eyes set on the classic beauty or the around the way type of girl?

Definitely around the way! I’m not really big on what society says beauty looks like, or the model type that everybody thinks is amazing. I lean towards the girl who’s doing her own thing and has her own sex appeal; whether that’s exotic or around the way– She’s someone that I can just love by myself and put in my own little box.


If there was a perfect girl for you, like the one that could keep you a one woman man, what’s her description?

First of all, a woman can’t keep a man, a one woman man. That’s what women have to understand! The man has to make a decision within himself about what he wants and what he doesn’t want. If he wants to be faithful,  there’s nothing a woman can do to change that. She can be who she is, but the man has to make that decision. The woman that does that for me is somebody that connects with me on an intellectual  level, like on a friendship level. We have to be able to operate and move as friends move, not just for physical attraction. Secondly, she’s ambitious and driven by something…her goals, her child– If she’s confident, walks in her light and doesn’t care what people have to say about her, that’s the type of woman I could see myself with in a monogamous relationship! Beauty goes, but a friendship lasts forever.


Red Lipstick or Lipgloss?

Lipgloss. I don’t really like red lipstick like that.


Sneaker Chick or Loubs?

Both!  You have to be able to switch it up. If we go somewhere and you need to put on some red bottoms, do that…but I need you to be able to put your hair up and move like that too.


Makeup or NO Makeup?

No makeup, and the reason why I say no makeup– not when we’re going places I get it, you gotta look a certain way; But as a man, you want to have something don’t nobody else have. When we’re at home, you take your makeup off and you chillin’–that’s mine! You’re not posting on Instagram, you ain’t giving nobody else the hair all over the head like when you first wakeup, that’s what I fall in love with! That’s what I keep sacred.


Weave or Natural?

I mean, if you need a little help, ain’t nothing wrong with weave. If you ain’t got no hair, I ain’t got no problem with that! Just don’t go over board with it…nah, but I’m not mad at weave. It don’t really matter, I’m not too picky when it comes to that.


Bubbly or Beer?

Definitely bubbly, beer is a little…Bubbly! I’m a Pisces, so I’m on the romantic tip!


Flowers or Candle Light Dinner?

Candle light dinner. Flowers is cliché and I’m very rarely cliché. If I do it, the number of flowers is going to match a date or time…or age…or something. It’s gotta have a little more meaning to it. I still say candle lit…Because we can sit down and get to know each other better.


Lingerie or Birthday Suit?

Lingerie…I like to watch and admire a woman. I think a woman is completely beautiful. It probably won’t take long before the birthday suit gets activated, but anticipation always makes the experience a little better. It leaves a little something to the imagination.


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