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Bombshell It Girl Is Fit & Fabulous



Beautiful, smart, and ambitious are the three words to describe Ms. Gabrielle Easley. She is a native of Hampton Roads, VA. and an alumna of Virginia Union University where she received her Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communications.

Earning a full basketball scholarship after battling 3 knee constructive surges, she is a true testament of perseverance. In 2011-12 Gabby maximized her internship with Radio One at iPower 9.21FM by hosting and producing her own HBCU Sports Segment.  Gabby moved to Washington, D.C. for the opportunity of a lifetime as an intern at Viacom and later landing  a Freelance position with BET Networks in Special Events & Public Affairs.

She and her long-time friend, Channell Kirkland, founded an organization by the name of 45Hearts. The goal of the organization is to educate, promote excellence, leadership and sportsmanship among youth both on and off the field. 45Hearts is committed to making a difference through various community outreach programs.

Bombshell had the honor to sit talk with this beauty about what it means to be fit and fabulous in your 20’s.

Bombshell: Congratulations on your blog, G Alexandra and G’uicd. What was the inspiration behind both brands?

Gabrielle: G.Alexandra is my personal journey of discovery, fanaticism and insight with health, fitness and healthy cuisine. Being a former college athlete I adopted a healthy lifestyle and over the years I’ve maintained it through discipline and moderation. And as blunt as it sounds, I just always kept repeating myself to my relatives and girlfriends about weight loss and my recipes. So I finally decided to create a place where I can dish out some of my favorite health tips and creative food inspiration dishes.

G’uicd was established in 2014 when I just simply kept blowing hundreds of dollars each month on overly priced juices. One day my mom had this old juicer..Literally something from the 90s it just seemed like it was collecting dust. And I started making juices for relatives and friends locally and charging a fraction of the name brand juices. Before you know it I brought the idea to my sister Girodanna and bestfriend Dominique of starting the company. And 6 months later I was fortunate to have a boyfriend that believes in me and he invested in G’uicd to jump start the company.
Bombshell: Since waist trainers are the new trend, what is your take on celebrities wearing waist trainers while exercising?
Gabrielle: I’m a firm believer, if you don’t like it fix it but how far will you go to alter you body, potentially risking your health. However waist training isn’t something that just happened over night. It’s been around for years especially for New-born mothers to help them bounce back. So in that regard I’m all for it, but our generation is taking this to another extreme just for promiscuous purposes. It’s honestly degrading to women giving young and older woman a distorted image, in order to be accepted as beautiful or “Bad”.
These celebrities are on a very restricted diet that will able their body to lose inches. Any trainer will tell you if you want to lose weight it’s 70% diet (food) and 30% working-out. Not to mention they pay hundreds even thousands of dollars for a top of the line meal plan and personal trainer. So with that being said, you can’t cheat the grind because it will always show.
Bombshell: When it comes to fitness, who inspired you the most?
Gabrielle: I’m inspired by Angela Simmons particularly because she one of my peers and she’s well balanced. I remember watching an episode of Run’s House on MTV when Angela and Vanessa first started on their health journey with celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins. From that point on, I was tuned in and to see her grow over the years and her passion for a natural healthy lifestyle inspires me. Not to mention she embraces her body size which is very important because she naturally petite & curvy.
Bombshell: What are some of the foods that you like to eat to maintain your body? 
Gabrielle: Anything that incorporates avocado, I’m all about it. Although my greens are a must…such as: dark leaves (kale, red char, spinach, arugula, Brussels sprouts you name it.) And fresh fruit: Frozen red grapes & watermelon are my favorite! It’s very comforting know where your food comes from. On occasion I enjoy seafood but never frozen, always fresh.
Bombshell: In three words, how would you describe your fashion and why?
Gabrielle: Minimalistic, Comfortable & Sporty. I’ve never been a fan of vibrant colors, I’m more of a neutrals kind of girl with a pop of color. If I can wear nike sweatsuits everyday I would, but I love being able to move around and feel free in my clothes. The higher the heels the higher the goals… Well since Nike didn’t make dresses, they put a wedge in the Lunar Forces 1Sky High and it was a match made in heaven. I’ve grown to love heels but I guess the tomboy in me will forever live on.
Bombshell: I heard that you are a fan of Beyonce, what is your take on her going vegan?
Gabrielle: Yes ma’am. The Beyhive is real and she can’t do wrong in my eyes. It’s actually funny because before she publicized her Veganism. I was looking into a while back just wanting to challenge myself and refocus for 30days. Personally I think it’s a true testament of discipline and self love. When you fully commit to being Vegan, you begin to see your body change for the good by getting rid of all of the toxins. You’re simply just feel lighter and happier and that’s what it’s all about.
Bombshell: What are some of the secrets and tips for women to maintain their health? 
Gabrielle: Sleep, eating a balanced diet, drink lots of water, set goals (weekly & monthly), stay consistent, limit the alcohol and kick ass in the gym with lots of cardio and light weight training.

I recommend every woman investing in a lose tea diffuser, it’s my go to for my daily tea.
Listen to your body, at all times. If you treat her well she will treat you better.
Bombshell: What are some of the recipes that you follow from your website that you stick to?
Gabrielle: Every morning I live by a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with lemon water. This gives me my natural boost of energy and keeps my appetite low. The cabbage soup detox is by far one of my favorites, especially when I need to shed those last minute pounds for a Girl Night Out weekend.
Bombshell: What advice that you will give women who want to lose weight? 
Gabrielle: Consistency! I can’t stress that enough. It takes 4 weeks for you to notice a difference, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 for the rest of the world to notice. Keep working hard and the results will appear. Never give up.
If you want to know some more health tips to make you lose the pounds, check out her blog here.
Make sure you give her a quick follow on social media on Instgram at @gaeasley and @thegalexandra and on Twitter at @theGAlexandra

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