The Hottest Shows Coming In September

Hey Bombshells, are you a stan for TV shows? Well if you are you’re in luck! We’re here to get you ready for the upcoming TV shows that you should be tuning in.


1. Love & Hip Hop Hollywood                 

Love & Hip Hop is returning to Hollywood as old rivals bury the hatchet and new ones begin. Things are a little different this time around this season as we are going to be introduced to a gay couple. Stay tuned for the drama and craziness that goes down this season.


2. For My Man

Ladies, are you a fan of shows like Snapped & Fatal Attraction? Well this show might be just for you. This show tell the stories of women who commit murders that are motivated by the men in their lives.


3. The Real

The daytime divas are back for a second season as they continue to keep it real. They take on pop culture news while doing it in style & class.


4. Scream Queens

This show collides with the old school with the new school as horror come to the small screen. The show is about a college campus that is continued to be haunted by a series of murders that happened 20 years ago. The show stars the Scream Queen herself Jamie Lee Curtis, KeKe Palmer, and Ariana Grande.

11850349_1621817391430943_1510213784_n5. Empire

The Lyons are back! The new season will leave off when the HNIC Luscious is sent to jail leaving Jamal in charge of Empire Records but still working with his family. Despite not speaking to each other they still hold each other down and it will feature more celebrity cameo appearances like Kelly Rowland playing Luscious’ mother and Chris Rock playing Luscious’ friend in jail.


6. Blackish

Our favorite suburban family stole our hearts in the first season but now they are back. They will bring the funniest with them as they are prepare for anything including family guests and friends.


7. Scandal

Gladiators rejoice! Olivia Pope is ready to get down to business this season and she will not go down without a fight. She remains to be the Queen of Thursday night.


8. How To Get Away With Murder

In the first season of this groundbreaking show, we were introduced to attorney/law professor Annalise Keating- who is played by Viola Davis and her five students as they explore the two murders that occurred but going through drama of their own.


9. Step It Up

Our favorite Dancing Doll rival is finally getting her own show. The show is based on Traci Young-Byron, a former Miami Heat Dancer and longtime team captain, is the owner of the elite dance company, the Young Contemporary Dance Theater (YCDT). Just like Diana and her Dancing Dolls, Traci is also an enthusiastic about dancing and she gives her dancers tough love. Hopefully, we finally get a chance to see the Dancing Dolls get revenge on YCDT.



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