Emmy Nominated E! News Television Personality Zuri Hall Gets the Third Degree

Who is Zuri Hall? She is the sophisticated, E News corresponding Sweetheart, with the a sassy delivery and angelic smile. With being a new face on an established platform, some would consider her the rookie of the E team but clearly she has the chops of a veteran. No stranger to working on television having appeared on MTV!  She has hosted the after shows for “The Challenge,” as well as various one-off specials including ​”Promposal Mania” with Austin Mahone, “Million Dollar Maze Runner,” ​and ​”Style In The City” with Carly Aquilino. Paying her dues with diligence Zuri  has also recently appeared as a recurring guest on VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz,” guest hosted for BET’s “106 & Park,” co-hosted “Trending 10 Live” for FUSE, and has appeared on “Fashion Police” for E!.

As many anchors struggle to find their footing within a thriving male dominant industry, Ms. Hall has strategically strutted her stilettos straight to a higher climate of success. With the tenacity of a beast and the beauty of a bombshell, it’s only right she possess the brains of creative brilliance. As the C​EO/Creator of the #​AlphaBabe  which is a social media movement & lifestyle blog, it amazes us of how she simply manages it all which is why we were fortunate enough to give me Ms. Zuri humble Hall the…Third Degree


  1. What has been the most challenging obstacles that has led you to this point?


Any career is filled with small challenges — daily, weekly, monthly. I think the biggest challenge for many is to not let all of those little setbacks add up, and cause you to quit. Also, I’ve felt like the underdog in a lot of work situations… So it can be a lot of pressure to come in and hit the ground running, to prove you should be there. But that’s a challenge I’ve always enjoyed facing head-on.


  1. You’re excellent in front of the camera and  no stranger to television. What is one funny moment that happened behind or in front of the lens?


Thanks! Hmmm… My memory is terrible, so I have to stick to recent moments haha.. Just last week the co-hosts of E! News and I admitted (on-air) the craziest places we’ve peed. My Dad texted me while watching the show \saying “You look beautiful on E! News!” and then two minutes after that segment aired I get another text: “You peed in a bush?! UGH!… Wait — was this recent??” Nothing like a little “TMI” action on national television. 😉


  1. What advice would you give to your younger self?


Speak up for yourself. Sometimes you have to fight for what you deserve, because people won’t always hand it over willingly… even if they should. Don’t be afraid to have uncomfortable conversations, because sometimes they’re necessary for growth and progress.



Bonus Question: In detail, describe the very moment when you were offered the position for E News as an anchor.

It was actually a long process getting the job… the whole thing is like a blur now!  They have been keeping me quite busy!




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