Solange Revamps Her Saint Heron Web Shop

Artist Solange shared the exciting news that she is relaunching her Saint Heron web shop. The Houston native recently partnered with Big-commerce to create an atmosphere for her fans and readers to buy fashion, music, and art.

Here is what she said in a press release:

“Relaunching the Saint Heron store has been an inspiring journey that elevated the brand to a more collaborative and beautiful place. At the heart of everything, the way Saint Heron looks and feels to our community is essential to its identity, and we couldn’t have achieved the same result for Saint Heron store without Bigcommerce, It’s important that Saint Heron visitors have a fulfilling experience on the new store, and I didn’t want to compromise color, style or my unique approach to design to deliver that.”

Some of the products that will be featured on the web shop includes dresses, soap sets, and much more

Congratulations to her! 

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