Wendy Williams Comments On Tamar Braxton’s Exit From The Real


Everyone has been talking about the surprising departure of television personality Tamar Braxton from “The Real”. Wendy Williams on her own show comments.

“Weekend got kinda bumpy when we heard Tamar got fired from ‘The Real’,” said Williams during her show. “Allegedly. They say it’s a ‘mutual decision’; don’t worry, my investigation is not fully done…Then Tamar put some hints out there on her social media saying that someone stabbed her in the back. She said it’s not her sisters, not her husband, who do you think it is? Especially when you see that she dropped Loni Love, Jeannie and Adrienne Bailon from her social media, but kept Tamera…”

Williams also said the Loni Love knew about the exit before everyone else. Love tweet out saying she had no idea that it was going to happen to Braxton. But in the back of her mind, especially in business, she had knowledge of the situation.

“I think that Loni Love, all due respect, but when you were here last week, you knew what was about to go down,” said Williams. And I’m not saying that Loni and Jeannie and Adrienne have enough power to get one of their co-hosts fired, but I’ll tell you what: when wheels squeak too much, and then shows start looking at the budget, and they’re like ‘well, you know, she is kinda diva-ish…” Do I think think that they could have complained enough to get the suits looking? Absolutely. Unlike the other girls, there are two checks going to Tamar’s house. One for Vince as Executive Producer, now he’s out, and one for Tamar. “

Braxton wants to focus on her solo career. Even at 39 years old, A lot of possible opportunities can come across her life. Either way, everyone will move on and Williams knows that the other girls of the show can handle the lost of Braxton.

“Don’t turn this into “The View”…I don’t even have a suggestion for the fifth chair because I feel as though the other girls can hold it down…Loni, is it true that you’re good friends with B. Scott, the person on the blog that originally let all this information out?…”

Stay tune for more updates on Braxton’s career and the Wendy Williams show.


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