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A pleasant Public Relations junior at Howard University,with a spiritual upbringing and southern roots to ground her, Halle Stanley’s steadfast beliefs in the importance of  attaining an education in a perfectly proportioned, media obsessed world has us raising toasts to the college grads. Naturally beautiful curves with a soul just as pure, she shares a message we can all learn from in loving the skin we’re in. Unbound by social standards , she journeys to influence a plastic pally dazed generation with a WAKEUP call for self love. Education always first, she’s already got the game on lock, effortlessly balancing a modeling career with battling cyber bullies all while maintaining a cool 3.8 GPA. We’re taking note, are you? Peep Miss Halle as she spills 9 of her little secrets to a successful career, advice for tough skin & how she plans to make her stamp on the world in this Bombshell exclusive.


Tell us about your upbringing.  What it was like for you growing up. What year you’re in at Howard and your expected graduation date.
I grew up with my great grandmother and my older brother until I moved to Baltimore with my parents. My great grandmother was very spiritual. She always taught us about God and raised us in the church. This played a major role with my development as I grew older because I held a strong faith in God when things got tough or when I felt down. When I moved to Baltimore, I lived a normal life. I was very very very shy, but I didn’t have a problem making friends in school. I always kept my head in the books and I loved staying busy with extracurricular activities such as dance, theatre and modeling. I am a junior at Howard University. I expect to graduate in 2017
Why going to college was important to you?
 Going to college is extremely important. As an African American young woman, I know that there was once a time when education was not offered to African Americans. In capitalizing on this, I know that education is very important in today’s society because it shapes our understanding of the world and can help us reach our goals in life. Going to college was indeed one of the best decisions of my life. It opened up so many doors and provided me with endless opportunities to network, explore new ideas, and most importantly improve my surrounding community and teach/mentor younger generations. As I continue to achieve and accomplish new goals in my academic career, I wish to serve as an inspiration to others.
As a public relations major what do you hope to gain and accomplish once you obtain your degree?
As a public relations major, upon graduation I wish to pursue event planning. I love planning events. I used to assist my mom in planning different events for different people. I truly enjoy it.  In addition, I also wish to become a publicist for a figure in entertainment or fashion. I am also very interested in being a television show host. I am currently a television show host, along with 4 other hosts on an upcoming show called “Lady Like” on Amir Network (be on the look out!) Also, eventually I wish to open my own PR firm.
As a young woman growing up in today’s society, do you feel like the media has had a negative effect on the way women view themselves.  (do you feel like this is why so many women are opting to get cosmetic surgeries)
 I definitely believe that media does have a negative effect on the way that women view themselves. It is through media that we are constantly exposed to this “standard of beauty” where women have to have a big butt, small waist, and big breasts to be considered beautiful. On social media, millions of people idolize these type of women who fit this criteria. This results in women convincing themselves that they HAVE to look like that to be beautiful. So, they go out and spend thousands of dollars trying to alter their body and get cosmetic surgery in order to fit this “standard of beauty.”
Is this something you hope to be able to play a role in changing and if so why?
This is something I definitely wish to continue to change. As a plus size model, I constantly give advice to aspiring models and young women who may have low self-esteem or do not see themselves as beautiful. To be honest, I struggled with self-love at one point in my life as well, which is why I am able to give advice to others about the importance of loving yourself and building self-esteem. In the future, I wish to reach a wider audience and continue to influence others. I do not believe that we should subject ourselves to what other people consider as beautiful. That’s whack. We are all BEAUTIFUL. No matter what size, shape, height, or age you are.
What has been one of the biggest obstacles you have faced in your lifetime and what did you to overcome it?
One of the biggest obstacles that I have faced was being cyber bullied for my weight and also balancing modeling and college. When I was cyberbullied, it was definitely a life changing experience for me, simply because it affected my confidence and my self-esteem. I began to question my beauty and I fell under mild depression. I wanted to lose weight because I was told that I would never become a model because I was too fat. After taking some time to get to know myself, I finally saw my worth. I remember sitting in the mirror for hours just highlighting what I love about myself and telling myself that I am beautiful. I started getting in front of the camera again and chasing my dreams. Another obstacle that I still face is balancing college and modeling. Granted I love to model and that is one of my dreams, I am still a nerd first! I love education and I am addicted to making good grades. I still put my education first; however, there are times where I may have to miss class for a photoshoot and vice versa. The key to balancing modeling and school is a PLANNER and time management. I’ve learned to write EVERYTHING down in order to keep my mind organized. It has definitely been working! I currently maintain a 3.8 GPA and I still make time to model and spend time with my family and friends.
5 years from now where do you hope to be?
5 years from now I hope to be a huge influence in the world. I wish to use my modeling and academic success as a platform for inspiring others. I hope to own a modeling business which helps aspiring models and provides coaching. In addition, I plan to travel the world and pursue event planning.
A quote that you live by?
If you can’t fly, then run, If you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” –Martin Luther King Jr.
The best advice you could give to any young woman growing up in today’s society?
The best advice I can give to a young woman growing up in today’s society is to never stop trying and to know your worth. The road to success will be hard but humbling, but it is important to educate yourself and to have perseverance in this world.
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