A Personal Look At #MyBeautyMySay

How long have women been told that we would be just a little bit prettier if we fixed some minuscule part of our bodies or our personalities? Or that we couldn’t do something- be a boxer, a lawyer -because we were too pretty? Despite the contradictory nature of the judgement of today’s society, we have been bred to believe it since day one.

I grew up hating my body, and with very little reason. I was your typical skinny girl, yet when I looked in the mirror I saw huge thighs and too much flab on my tummy. This led me to a dark path of weighing myself every day and caring so intensely about what other people thought of my looks. One day I decided I was fed up with that negativity and therefore directed myself to never again fear other people’s perceptions of my beauty.

This was more than three years ago, and in that time, the media has made a genuine effort to be more accepting of different kinds of beauty. This is evident in Dove’s latest campaign, #MyBeautyMySay, wherein women are encouraged to reject others’ opinions of their beauty and live their lives freely. This campaign hit me in a really personal place, as I still catch myself hating my thighs or the extra fat on my arms. To see so many different women expressing themselves so independently- this is what I aspired to do three years ago.

Dove has reminded me one of my favorite pieces of advice that I will impart to you: Do you, and don’t care what anybody else thinks.


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