What’s A Thigh Gap When You Can Have #MermaidThighs

Challenges, for example, like the Cinnamon challenge and such, have had their moments when they were trending and everyone tried to do it. But, the most horrendous challenge had to be the A4 Waist Challenge. That challenge was to see if your waist could fit behind a 8×11 piece of paper.

I’m sorry?

Not only was that a terrible challenge, it was also one that affected millions of girls who need body positivity rather than body criticism.

But, you know what?

There’s a major retaliation to that challenge, and it’s called #MermaidThighs.

Based on the saying:

Thigh gap (bridge) is overrated anyway #nakedattraction #nothighgap #mermaidthighs #imamermaid #curves #womannotgirl

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There are girls out there who are taking pictures of their body and they are hashtagging #MermaidThighs in order to bring about body positivity to a world that desperately needs to be reminded that it’s time to embrace like mermaid thighs rather than have a gap in the world like a thigh gap.

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