BOMBBEATS: Louise Chantál “Welcome to Aranbi”

Louise Chantál, AKA the Princess of Aranbi (pronounced R&B), just released her debut EP, “Welcome to Aranbi”. This 20 year-old blonde bombshell describes her sound as being very realistic, with her music shifting from alternative R&B to hip hop with songs that you can dance and also cry to.  “Aranbi” is a world created by Chantál that is ran by women to promote positively awareness and empowerment. It’s a platform for women to empower and celebrate each other.

Chantál uses her platform to voice her awareness on current issues, and feminism, where she takes her audience on a journey. With the release of “Genuflect”, first single that was released from the EP, Louise Chantál invites you into her world where she’s crowned Princess, “Welcome to Aranbi”.

Be sure to give “Welcome to Aranbi” a listen below, and be sure to follow her social media below:

Instagram: @iamlouisechantal | Twitter: @imlouisechantal | Tumblr: Louise Chantál 



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