Nola Adé: The Love Dance EP

Chicago, Illinois songstress, Nola Adé, released “Love”, an upbeat single off her debut EP “The Love Dance”. This EP tells  her personal stories of the different stages of love that she has been through in her life span. She speaks on the good and bad times of heartbreak, and her insight for the future. Adé shares her love journey for others who can relate that may be going through the same stages in their life. With the songs relating to various memories of times where she encountered love, whether it was good or bad, with all the emotions flowing she referred to it as a dance and, that’s how Nola got the name for the EP “The Love Dance”. It’s an EP that takes you on a rollercoaster of life experiences of being in love, staying in love, of the highs and lows of it all. As Nola stated, “Whether it’s the same person, or different, overtime it’s still your love story.”

Watch the video for “Love” below, along with the EP, “The Love Dance” stream:

“Love” Video


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