We got the chance to sit down, and speak with Annalé. The Korean-American R&B singer, recently released her single “Roses”, that is #19 on Billboard’s R&B Songs while the music video has been in rotation on MTV, BET Centric, VH-1 Soul, and Music Choice. Her music can be described as the perfect blend of R&B, and pop.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Annalé. ’m an R&B, pop, neo soul artist. Right now my single “Rose” is out, and I’m just trying my best out here. LOL

So you’re from New York?
I would say I’m from both Korea, and Jersey.

What age did you move to Korea?
This is interesting, so I was born in New York but at the age of 4 I moved to Korea until about I was 11. Then I moved to Jersey, and went to high school there.

Which part of Jersey?
Central Jersey, East Brunswick.

Where are you located now?
Right now I live in LA.

When did you start to get an interest in music?
I would say I was always interested in music all my life, because my parents are actually musicians. They’re classical musicians so they made me play piano when I was 4. I always grew up listening to music, learning music, and my parents would always teach me music. I started out classically, but then around high school about 9th grade i got more interested in modern, contemporary music. That’s how I got into singing, and vocals, so yeah all my life I grew up in music.

Did you always feel like you were meant to be a star in music?

A star, LOL, I don’t know if I’m a star yet because my single just came out in july. I’m slowly working my best to climb and working hard everyday trying to improve. I mean that’s a hard question I just want to keep working hard to be that “star”.

How do your parents feel about your debut song?
They are so happy for me because they know this is what I want to do. They know that I love music, and that I have the gift and talent in music, so they’re happy for me.

Were you pressured at all to do music?

No, at first they didn’t want me to do music which is interesting because they knew like the hard life of pursuing music as your career. They went through it because they’re classical musicians so they were worried for me if I do the same. When I applied to Berkley College of Music they didn’t want me to apply at first because they were like, “Oh if you do music it’s going to be hard and it’s just going to be a hard path in general.” They were really worried for me, but eventually they gave in they knew that I just loved music I’m really passionate about it.

If you didn’t do music what would you have done?
Wow, actually when I was applying to colleges Berkley was the only music school I applied to and everything else was just regular liberal arts colleges I would say, but I would actually thinking of doing mainly communications but at the same time I had no idea what I would do other than music.

How confident were you when you auditioned for Berkley?

Right before I auditioned for Berkley my mom would tell me, “just have fun! Don’t be nervous even if you don’t get it its okay. It’s not the end of the world, and it’s not a big deal just do it! Sing your best, have fun don’t be pressured about it.” That’s how I felt when I was auditioning for Berkley.
I didn’t really feel pressured at all because they never were like “oh you have to get in or else.” They were never pressuring me to do music or like be accepted into the school or anything like that. I was really comfortable. I felt really comfortable but not too nervous.

How did it go, it went great because you got the 5 year scholarship right?

Yeah, I was really fortunate enough to get that scholarship. It was really good, like I had three judges I remember that were there they were so nice. We just had fun, LOL, I went in I sang like a couple songs for them and we did like mini test like air training test, rhythm test, a lot of different kind of test, like sight reading. Everything just went great. I was really classical trained so sight reading for me came naturally. So everything was just like smooth.

Tell us about some of your R&B influences.
Omg I have too many.

Lets do top 5.
Okay, LOL, thats good to know then. I would say Jill Scott definitely, Musiq Soulchild, Floetry, Dwele, and Erykah Badu, that’s how I got introduced to neo soul.

Can you can name two top musicians that you came across and helped you.

Throughout Berkely College of Music I was mentored by Walter Besley. He’s a jazz musician and saxophonist. I took a lot of classes with him there. I would sing with a live band and he would receive and supervise it. So he was probably like one of my biggest influences and mentors throughout college.

Check out the rest of the interview below with Annalé:

With her debut album coming soon and her single “Roses” still rising on the charts, Annalé is positioning herself to reach a global audience. As she prepares to release her album, her soulful groover, funky bassline, and jazzy esibilities, “Roses” is gaining notable buzz playing on numerous radio stations.




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