Dresses To Wear This Holiday Season

I talked about last-minute presents, so now let’s talk about last-minute outfit ideas.

Shopping for others may be one of the hardest things about the holiday, but planning an outfit for the holiday festivities is the worst.

We all want to have that factor in where maybe you managed to keep your New Year’s resolution of losing weight (kudos to you), and you want to flaunt that especially when everyone is busy stuffing their faces with the delicious food.

I’ve come up with three outfit ideas that you can work with when it comes to holidays.

1.) The Effortless Look of “Oh, this? I just threw this on!”: The Slip Dresses

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photo: imaxtree

Slip dresses have made a huge comeback this season, and it has been adapted into almost any versatile-wear. You can wear it to sleep, and you can honestly wear it outside if you decide to put a cute, simple turtleneck underneath and pair it off with knee-highs and heeled booties.

If you want to go for a casual look for the holidays, try this out!

2.) The Suave Look of “I did lose some weight, thank you (internally thanking this beautiful dress for making you look like you’ve been working out when you’ve been watching Netflix instead.): That Velvet Dress and The Drape Dresses.

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photo: Pinterest

My favorite dress that has the formal look and the right amount of sexy for the holidays has been the velvet body-con dress that shapes the body perfectly. Not only does it give the appearance of having a shapely waist, it makes you feel empowered!

The drape dress is also my favorite suave piece. You look put together while looking chic and irresistible.

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photo: Brit + Co


You can show that you don’t need Zumba to make your hips sway.

3.) The BAM! Look of “Yes, I am here.”: The Sequin Dresses.

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photo: Pinterest

No other holiday dress that will make a statement has over shone this one. Literally.

If you want to make a statement, then by all means, you wear that sequin dress that has been gathering dust in the back of your closet (be honest, you probably only bring it out during special occasions).

With all these last-minute dresses, I hope you celebrate the holidays in style!




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