The Have-To-Get-This-Person-A-Gift List For The Holidays

We all have those people that we have to get a gift for because, let’s face it, it’s the Holidays, and the Holidays are all about sentimental giving. But, who said we can’t have fun with it?

1.) For The Friend Who Keeps Re-scheduling On You

We all have that friend who keeps on saying that they’ll meet you there in a week, and then the day before, plans have changed and you’re stuck trying not to freak out as you smile and nod politely when they apologize.Image result for a planner

Gift idea: A personalized planner for one. You could even put a sarcastic yet sweet note about how you can’t wait to actually have time to spend with them.


2.) For The Friend Who Is A Little Bit Too Into Themselves

Oh, we have that friend who never seems to get tired of their…well, their face.

Image result for selfie light

Gift idea: Makeup. Mirror. A selfie light.

Anything that has to do with vanity. You got the perfect gift of narcism galore for them.

3.) For The Friend Who Seems To Always Forget Their Wallet When You Go Out

I swear, if I hear, “I forgot my wallet, can you spot me?”, one more time, I need to surgically correct my rolling eyes from the back of my head. It’s time for that friend to “remember” their wallet, and here’s the perfect gift idea for that.

Image result for phone case with hidden compartment

Gift idea: A phone case that has a hidden wallet.

Now, they have no excuse, and you get to finally split that bill that you’ve been anxiously waiting to do.

4.) For The Friend Who Doesn’t Want To Go Out

Those friends are sometimes a gift and a curse. It depends on if you’re in the mood to go out or not, and they’re the deciding factor. When you don’t feel like going out, and they don’t. Well, hey, then stay in. When you do want to go out, and they don’t. Well, that’s a different story. So here’s two gift ideas for that one friend!

Image result for netflix watching

Gift idea: A Netflix subscription and a spa gift certificate. They can get pampered both ways!

Image result for holiday gift shopping gif the office

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