Mariah Carey Upset With Ryan Seacrest For Lack Of Support During Awful New Year’s Eve Performance

“She was so upset with Ryan she couldn’t even bear to stand next to him when they were scheduled to at the ball drop and walked off,” the source says according to ET. “Her team feels he should have come out on stage and helped her instead of leaving her to deal with it on stage by herself. It wasn’t gentlemanly or professional.”

Mariah Carey is not only upset with her production team sabotaging the performance, but with host Ryan Seacrest on not supporting her during a time of need.

The 46-year-old singer couldn’t hear during the song “Emotions” and falling out of sync with the music on “We Belong Together.” Eventually she drop the mic and walked away from the crowd out of frustration. Whether or not it was on the production team, Seacrest still should have supported Carey. He needs to send her flowers and a card saying sorry for not being there. But maybe it was all just a sign of what 2016 was. A lot of fail moments and notable deaths building up to the last day of the year.


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