Keke Palmer: Book Signing and Q+A

Last week on Thursday, Keke Palmer held a book signing for her recently released book, “I Don’t Belong to You: Quiet the Noise and Find Your Voice” that was presented by the City College of the Arts, in Harlem, New York.

Palmer, 23, is passionate about her generation, and has always used her social media platforms to talk about issues that matter most to her that goes on in this generation. As a successful woman from the inner city of Chicago Keke reveals that under the success still lies a woman who is facing the same problems and issues that all young women go through. She designed this book to be a motivational guide that shares the secrets of her own life triumphs and struggles in an attempt to help motivate others with inspirational quotes, journal entries, and memes. “I Don’t Belong to You” revels many bumps and roadblocks that Keke Palmer has faced where she speaks out about the secrets, struggle, and practices that have guided her to succeed. The book focuses on 12 topics like, sexuality, race, anxiety, success, bullying, and body image where she gives advice to  others to help them navigate these problems, and break free of the pain and fear to achieve the life of their dreams. With “I Don’t Belong to You” Keke Palmer encourages young people to change their mindset and live with more freedom, confidence, and love.


“I made an unconscious vow to follow my heart wherever it may led me.”

Keke meets with her street team before the Q+A

Keke Palmer also just recently released her groundbreaking EP titled “Lauren”, and is currently on Scream Queens. You can purchase the book here.



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