Savannah State Cheers Unprecedented Victory!

On this last full week of Black History Month, the Savannah State University’s Cheerleaders made history when they won the National Cheerleading Award this past Sunday.


In their first appearance at the competition since 2013, the 13-member squad, one man and 12 women, are now going down in the history books as being the first cheer squad from a HBCU to get first place at the highest level of competition.


The cheerleaders took to Instagram to express pride and excitement over their achievement. One of the captions read, “We didn’t know we were making history we were just having fun, working hard and making memories.”

Morgan Moore, senior cheerleader, spoke to Savannah’s WJCL when she exclaimed, “We are very excited, ecstatic, just a feeling that you can’t explain.” When trying to verbalize her emotions she said, “It’s indescribable, it’s just a great feeling to know we’ve made history at our school.”


Male cheerleader, Dathan Gooden, expressed the same sentiments. According to Huffington Post’s Black Voices, he told WJCL that what adds to the pride he and his teammates currently exude is elevated by the fact that no one has ever seen them at this level of competition.


Things got more real when honorary cheerleading captain of the East Compton Clovers, Isis, a.k.a., Gabrielle Union, shouted the team out on Twitter with the hash tag, #TheyBroughIt. We agree, Ms. Union, we agree.

Congratulations Savannah State on this incredible, well-deserved victory!

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