4 Quick Tips To Achieve Fuller Brows!

Thinking about growing out your brows? Or are you in the process of doing so? Here are a couple of tips and tricks to help out the process!

Tip 1:

Stop plucking! Now this may seem like an obvious one, but even plucking hairs you know will be removed eventually can harm the entire process. Plucking any of the hairs keeps damaging the hair follicles, which in turn slows down its growth. So put the tweezers down and lock them away!

Tip 2:

If you have lots of sparse areas in your eyebrows, or simply want to keep them looking decent while they grow out, try using a powder. It will give them definition and fill them in without looking too harsh or unnatural. Don’t want to fill them in? You can clean up your brows by taking concealer and cleaning up the shape. This will also give definition while also hiding those new brow hairs that are growing in.

Tip 3:

To help making the growing process faster, try using Castor Oil. You can apply it to your eyebrows every night before bed. Castor Oil contains ricinoleic acid which is known to promote hair growth. Try this one here from Amazon. It only costs $12.99 and comes with a little starter kit that includes a mascara wand and pointed applicator.

Tip 4:

WAIT WAIT WAIT. This is the number one thing to do. Although you can use products to speed up the process, such as the castor oil, that doesn’t mean it still won’t take time. Eyebrows can take anywhere from six weeks to six months to grow out. This all depends on how much growth you want before getting them done again, but it is still a long time. Waiting and having patience is key for this process.

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