Introducing It Girl: Tsilla

Introducing up-and-coming 18 year old French R&B singer Tsilla through her smooth vibing verses on the soulful electronic hook Fantasise. Tsilla collaborated with the talented UK producer Oh Genius to synthesize the etherealness of this R&B track.

 This is only a prelude for what is to come from the up and coming singer. Tsilla is currently working on her first EP and making music with more artists and producers, and is eager to do what she loves the most – sing.

Born in Geneva, Tsilla spent her childhood in the Netherlands in a home full of music lovers. She grew up listening to a diverse range of music from Soul, to Jazz, R&B and Hip-Hop. Her up bringing also plays a major role in developing her passion for singing and has influenced her smooth style as well.

Tsilla has just recently started uploading music online, despite writing and composing for a few years now. Now beginning to record her own music, we are anticipating what is to come from this aspirational artist.

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